We put the human component back into digital marketing.

We create authentic relationships between people who need addiction treatment services and those who provide them.

Its time to change how we market addiction treatment services.

Addiction is gripping this nation at epidemic proportions. The urgency to save lives from overdose and lifelong health and relationship problems has never been greater. Only a tenth of people who need treatment will receive it, yet treatment facilities close their doors every day because they fail to attract a steady, reliable flow of clients. There is no way around it, addiction treatment centers require a regulated flow of traffic to generate the necessary operating revenue. Without it, we lose a vital resource to the community, and fewer opportunities exist for the already suffering addict.

Addiction treatment marketing is a dirty business. As the director of your facility, you've probably been burned several times by dishonest or unethical addiction recovery marketing scams. At best, you may have hired a well-intentioned marketing firm that produced few results. Having had similar experiences ourselves, we've spent the last few years developing marketing campaigns that produce consistent, repeatable results for our clients. Yes, we guarantee results for our clients!

EffectMedia creates and manages marketing systems including websites, social media, blog feeds, and directory listings that are cohesive and display a powerful message of recovery. We custom create all content working side-by-side with you to reach out to your ideal clients. We use pay-per-click and social media advertising to deliver relevant leads to you based on your specifications. And one of the best parts is, its a completely scalable system. Not only is it affordable, but it provides the right amount of leads for your business growth objectives, even if they change. Its a simple, yet very powerful system.

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